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2024 F-150 Lightning - "This Baby Saved Us"

" 44 hours without power in Southern Ontario! This baby saved us! we don't have it wired to our panel but the 2 cords with splitters ran our fridges, freezers and our wifi, select lights and TV for close to 2 full days. AND the battery was only down to 65%!"

Thank you Brock Ford Sales Niagara. 

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Brock Ford Sales is your #1 Niagara Ford Dealership and the first choice when you're looking for a quality new 2024 Ford Vehicles. We also feature a fabulous selection of Pre-Owned Used Vehicles of all Makes and Models.

Celebrating our 43rd Anniversary in 2024, the Dill family has made it our goal to meet and exceed your automotive requirements. Whether it's a quality new, or Pre-Owned Vehicle, Brock Ford has you covered with great pricing, excellent service and the largest wholesale parts department in the Niagara Region.  Our Award Winning Brock Ford Sales Team takes great pride in making sure you're completely satisfied!

We're conveniently located in Niagara Falls, proudly serving Fort Erie and Niagara On The Lake -- and are committed to offering a great sales experience from the second you walk through our door! 

If you're planning to purchase a vehicle this year in 2024 make Brock Ford Sales your Ford Dealership of choice in Niagara .  

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